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Why Korean Skin Care?

Mun yong Kok

Industry insiders and consumers alike are nothing short of obsessed with Korean beauty. In fact, Marie Claire dubbed Korea the new skincare superpower, calling them about 12 years ahead of skincare innovation globally. Why the infatuation?
Simply put, Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. Korean women have standards that are impossible to meet.” And while those sky-high standards are taxing, they’re exactly what keep the Korean beauty industry striving to keep up.
On top of that, Korean consumers have a voracious appetite for skincare, which in turn helps fund extensive R&D. With thousands of beauty brands all competing for market share, the result is a Hyper-competitive, incredibly innovative industry that's at the forefront of the beauty world.
#1 - Exceptional Innovation
#2 - Gentle Formula & Unique Ingredient 
Korean beauty heritage is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from generation to generation. This tradition continues today with formulations that tend to shun harsh chemicals and draw from the Earth instead.
#3 Inside-Outside Results

The holistic Korean beauty philosophy focuses on improving skin from the inside out. Their belief is that a truly radiant complexion doesn’t happen overnight by simply treating the skin’s outer layers. Instead, Korean skincare concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin environment for results that last a lifetime.


#4 Better Value

Competition among brands is a positive thing for consumers - and the competition among beauty brands in Korea is nothing short of fierce, which helps keep the prices of beauty products down (without ever sacrificing quality).