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Sensitive skin

Admin WeGlow

Does your skin causes redness, dryness, itchiness, flaking or irritation easily? If yes, you may wince at the ingredients of your existing skin care products. 

With the innovative Korean formulas these days, made with gentle ingredients designed for sensitive skin, you can now calm your skin sensitivity and achieve your wish to have flawless skin. 


Cleanse, soothe, moisturise cleansing foam that contains 3-calming complex -- panthenol, madecassoside and allatoin, soothes and protect iritates skin!


Graymelin Hyaluronic Serum 100% is not only help to calm the skin, its small molecular size of hyaluronic absorb into skin fast to replenish the moisture that aging skin is lacking. 


Packed with nourishing, non irritating ingredients such (squalane), It focus on strengthen the skin barrier ans catering to sensitive skin! As an added bonuses, it provides extra hydration and having bacteria fighting properties for acne prone skin.

Rovectin skin essential barrier reair cream concentrade contains 125% more active ingredients than a normal reapir cream to provide instant hydration, stengthen skin's natural surface barrier and also deep repair of skin!