Colour Bean (Facial Cleanser Bean)

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A 4-in-1 facial cleanser. Whatever your face feels, it has a cleansing solution for you.

  • 4 colours for 4 function; deep cleansing, gentle cleansing, moisturising cleansing an whitening cleansing
  • Made with natural ingredients and extracts
  • Dry compressed beans allow for easy traveling

Having too many cleansers for too many skin conditions? Colour Bean have you covered!

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120g (appox. 120pcs)

Country Of Origin

South Korea


Multipurpose Facial Cleansing Bean


Marchen Lab by CNKCOS

1 review for Colour Bean (Facial Cleanser Bean)

  1. Angel

    I’m traveler and i only bring this product with my skin care!
    My skin is so clean after using color bean!

    It save my time to double clean (remove make up & facial wash) & exfoliat1!!

    Best part if i dont feel tight/dry after Color bean~

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