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Whether it’s from sun damage, scarring or aging, hyperpigmentation (dark spots caused by excess melanin production) sometimes feels impossible to beat. Lucky for you, we sought out solution that solve your concern.

High concentrated Pure Vitamin C (Aseorbic Acid) along with Fermented filtrate 75 % of Galactomyces which replaces distilled water. No artificial dyes, No synthetic perfume is used. This serum is marked Green Grade for EWG.

What's special about this particular vitamin C serum is that SomebyMi has used Galactomyces water instead of purified water which is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic fatty acids, enzymes, yeast peptides ( 100 % of Galatomyces water) . Galactomyces moisturizes tired skin and gives it greater vitality.

Also, pure vitamin C 3% acts as anti-oxidant and , removes active oxygen in the skin to manage  freckles. It makes the complexion clear and bright and reduces wrinkle. With regular usage you can see remarkable improvement in skin texture and brighter skin tone.

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